Foundation Repair Equipment

Whether repairs are needed in hard to access areas or wide open spaces, we have a full line of well maintained equipment to fit the need, including:

Hand-held limited access rig
Easily transportable, this versatile device is excellent for projects with limited access and/or interior work.

Hand held limited access rig


Limited access skid steer
The limited access skid steer is multi-functional; compact yet powerful, it can also be used in tight spaces where larger foundation repair and support equipment is not feasible.

Limited access skid steer with forks repairing foundation


Large skid steer
When access permits, the large skid steers are utilized for foundation and slab anchor installation in both standard and heavy load composite anchor applications.

Large skid steer installing helical anchor


Track steer
Our large track steer has the capability of installing heavy load, pipe, and composite anchors. It's mid-range size offers versatility on the jobsite.

Track steer foundation repair


The excavator is used for hard to reach locations near foundations needing support or repair. This machine can expedite the repair process for projects able to accommodate its size.

Excavator used in foundation repair