Foundation Repair Services

Warning signs and symptoms of foundation damage

We often receive calls from people who have noticed concrete slab cracks or foundation cracks, or cracks in other places like garage flooring and patios. Concrete is subject to cracking and many times it is a completely normal occurrence. Sometimes... its something more.

SYMPTOMS of foundation settling may include:

  • Stucco cracks, drywall cracks, or slab cracks
  • Foundation walls that are buckled or bowed
  • Cracks in exterior walls or hardscapes
  • Flooring cracks (tile, etc.)
  • Cracks in interior walls & ceilings
  • Sunken, uneven, or unlevel floors
  • Doors sticking, windows sticking or not operating properly
  • Misaligned trim & mouldings

You may have encountered one or more of these warning signs. Unfortunately, these are common problems in Southern California, and many people do not know where to turn for a solution. SAGC Construction Services, LLC. has performed hundreds of foundation evaluations over the years. We know what to look for in recognizing problems related to foundation failure and those concerns that are not.

The helical anchor foundation repair system

If you do need us, the repairs are relatively simple. Here's how it works: Helical underpinning anchors are drilled into the earth, down to substantial soil below. Brackets are attached to the concrete foundation at intervals in the damaged area. We then perform the foundation jacking, in which the foundation is lifted to the appropriate position. Finally, the foundation is firmly bolted to the bracket, which transfers the structure's load to the stable strata.

Helical foundation anchor and bracket illustration

Advantages of our foundation repair systems:

  • Time-proven, versatile & technically sound systems
  • Faster installation than other methods
  • No heavy equipment required
  • Lower cost than other foundation systems
  • Very limited excavation – site is minimally disturbed
  • Installs in hard-to-access areas

In the foundation repair process, foundations, walls, and floors are repositioned and restrained from further movement. Screw anchors can be used in a myriad of applications from structural foundation underpinning; tie-backs for lateral wall or slope support; to alleviating soil settlement or subsidence problems.

Along with limited access capability, our method eliminates much of the unnecessary damage created by other forms of underpinning by producing far less disruption and distress during the foundation jacking and installation process.

Call us today for a free foundation repair estimate. Or to find out more about our foundation repair process.