Disney's California Adventure

Anaheim, CA 2012



Mad Tea Party



Disneyland Resort


Structural Firm:

Disney Imagineering


Geotechnical Firm:



Certified Installer

Construction Services, Inc.


Project Description: In June of 2012, Disney’s California Adventure premiered a large expansion of the park featuring, in part, The Mad Tea Party, a vibrant nighttime dance party inspired by the manic energy of Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland.

To stabilize the signature, massive framework over the stage, Construction Services, Inc. was called in to install thirty P-35 helical pipe anchors, drilled to a depth of 21 lf .

While the majority of work was performed at night, the testing and scope of work took less than two days to complete.

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Lighting & stage structure

Installing P-35 anchors

Battered frame bracing to anchor

Vertical anchor & base plate installed at columns