Foundation Repair Testimonials

Construction Services, Inc. has worked with homeowners and businesses throughout California since the 1990's. The company's references span across San Diego, Orange, Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino, and Ventura Counties.

"Chris and Construction Services showed up on time as promised, were on budget, surrounded themselves with professional engineers and employees and communicated well throughout the entire phases of construction. This is the best construction company that has ever done work for me. Bar none."
- "Ralph" (Newport Beach, CA)

"Thanks to you and your workers, Chris! It was very nice to finally have people we could count on. The financial deal was also straightforward. I haven't seen that from contractors for a long time (actually never)!  You picked the right time to do this job. It looks like it is going to rain or snow!"
- "Margaretha" (Big Bear, CA)

"I came to Chris via a soils engineer, Keith Tucker, who recommended his services. Let me just say that when I first learned my apartment building had some foundational issues, it was a sobering discovery. Then, after my first few initial phone calls to both soils engineers and construction firms that do this kind of work, I was left completely confused, overwhelmed, and defeated. The treatment I received was indifferent at best, the explanations of solutions were confusing and the prices were outrageous... especially considering I didn't even understand the "language" they were speaking.Then I found Chris, and after my first conversation with him, I felt like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders (pardon the pun). He explained his solution, he detailed the process (from pre-bid and beyond), and gave me an idea of what I'd be looking at- and his price was more than reasonable. This feeling of relief and confidence extended all the way through the entire job from start to finish. I have dealt with plenty of contractors, subs, etc, and honestly, I've had more aggravation trying to get a door painted. I am so thankful I found Chris and his service and professionalism are second to none!"
- "Jason" (Long Beach, CA)

"Five years ago, I had built a concrete retaining wall behind a beautiful, 4-bedroom, 2 3/4-bath cliffside rental property I manage in San Pedro.  While this mostly addressed my concerns about hillside stability, I remained worried about stability of the property's foundation.  An engineer I knew, who no longer worked in the area, referred me to Chris Cobb of Construction Services, Inc. (CSI) and consulting engineer Keith Tucker.  After inspecting the foundation, Cobb and Tucker issued a report including recommended action.  Based on their recommendations, I hired CSI to install four metal screw anchors directly behind the home, with two more anchors on the north side.  Each anchor penetrates 15 feet into the ground for maximum strength, stability and durability.  "These anchors will outlast us," I told Cobb and Tucker after inspecting their work.  For excellence of service and expertise in resolving my concerns, I can give the highest recommendation to CSI Pres. Chris Cobb, consulting engineer Keith Tucker and Constructon Services, Inc."
- "Julian" (San Pedro, CA)

"When dealing with costly structural repairs, you want someone who is experienced and knowledgeable. Construction Services, Inc. is both. They communicate, they know what they are doing, and you can feel confident with them doing your work.
- "Adam" (Riverside, CA)

"Quality work, very professional. Completed job ahead of schedule."
- "Erik" (Costa Mesa, CA)

"Very helpful! On time and explained everything."
- "Ross" (Tustin, CA)

"We would like to thank you for the good job you and your crew did for us during our project. You were reliable, timely, and easy to get in touch with. We also really appreciated your support and the cheerfulness of your crew during the difficult process correcting the problems to our house. It was a pleasure working with you."
- "Art & Sue" (Laguna Niguel, CA)

"Construction Services is a responsive, professional and a highly capable organization that applies a proactive approach to problem solving that makes for a positive interaction when you're dealing with construction issues. Their timely responsiveness to your needs and their constant striving for perfection makes them head and shoulders above the industry."
- "Dan" (Mission Viejo, CA)

"C.M.C. Construction Services completed our project efficiently and on schedule. We were informed of each step in the process BEFORE work began and again during the procedure. We are very pleased with the completed project. All in all, they made the project as painless as possible. More importantly, they delivered on what they had promised, that our house would be as level as it was supposed to be."
- "Mike & Donna" (San Bernardino, CA)

"I wanted to write and tell you what a fantastic job you and your team did repairing my building! A repair project of this scope could have been a huge mess and extremely disruptive to our daily operations. We really appreciate how carefully you planned the entire project including building a tunnel to keep the noise isolated and the dust contained. We never had to shut down machine because of construction – which is quite impressive considering one of our machines is 40 feet long and it's installed parallel to the foundation you repaired and only 3 feet from the wall!

Dave and Noah are obviously highly skilled at what they do, and they were just great guys to work with. They were extremely neat and courteous, and always mindful of our operational needs so that if their equipment was in our way, they minimized that time and always checked with us in advance. They always did what they promised, and did it on time. You are fortunate to have these two fine men on your team.

The quality of the craftsmanship on the underpinning work was impressive, and in the end your crew along with the flooring, painting, plumbing, and electrical sub-contractors whose work they directed put everything back together so that it was, quite frankly, better than when they started. I was further impressed that today Dave power-washed all the exterior areas of the building that were impacted by construction to remove the dust, dirt, and even the tire skid marks from loaders and other equipment.

While I don't expect to be a repeat customer of yours (unless someone builds another building 15 inches from mine again), I would highly recommend to anyone that needs such specialized structural repair services that they hire your firm without hesitation."
- "Craig" (Fountain Valley, CA)

"As you know, I had spent in excess of $20,000 for engineering and structural work on a concrete piling/grade beam system to correct a subsidence problem occurring on an end unit in the Country Club Apartments. I had actually received preliminary bids for that work. Then I was fortunate and found you and was able to successfully implement the helical anchoring system that was engineered to replace the poured-in-place concrete system that I had previously intended to use. Am I glad I found you! Your anchoring system saved trees, time, and money – a lot of money. My costs using your system ended up being about half of the bid amount for a poured-in-place concrete system. Your crew was on time, your men were helpful to me when I was onsite, were respectful of the site, and cleaned up after themselves when they left. In fact, because we are experiencing subsidence on another end unit, there was no question in my mind I was going to use your helical anchoring system again to fix that problem. I would not hesitate to recommend your company and the helical anchoring system to anyone with a soil subsidence problem. You are the best!"
- "Edward" (Upland, CA)

"What does one do when a pipe bursts and nobody sees it until the next day? A friendly neighbor tries to turn it off, but has to call the city to do so. By this time the water has been running almost 24 hours and it is not draining toward the street, but is somehow flowing under the slab. In a few days there is evidence of floor molding separation, ceiling and wall cracks, and a front door that won't open. One end of the house has "sunk" several inches.

The second or third contractor that we called was Chris Cobb. His approach was fair and honest and didn't confuse issues. When the workers began work they were professional and well-supervised. Very impressive was a helpful attitude in dealing with little things toward the end. A sprinkler problem presented itself and shrubs along the house needed replanting. Both were handled willingly.

Bottom line was that the house was 'leveled', all documentation of engineers and city inspectors were provided and there were no surprises. I would certainly recommend Chris and Construction Services, Inc. to anyone unfortunate enough to need it."
- "Arthur" (Redlands, CA)

"Excellent work, I recommend them to everyone I know."
- "Veronica" - La Habra, Orange County, California

"All seems well. We are pleased with the professional manner with which this job was completed. The work site was kept clean and orderly, and any inconveniences were kept to a minimum. Of course, the task has just been completed, so any evaluation of the quality of the work will have to be later when we see how it holds up. However, it appears to be well done."
- "Geoffrey" - North Tustin, Orange County, California